It’s a brand new year!!!


Hey Everybody, thanks for checking in it has been a long time since I’ve done any blogging (or really any writing for that matter) so please bear with me.  First of all I’d like to say thanks for taking a little bit of time out of your busy day to check out my site.  This is my first non-facebook based website so I’m learning and if there are any issues I apologize in advance.  I guess that I will just fill everybody in on what’s been going on and try to keep this updated as much as possible going forward.


Going back to this Spring/Summer I guess the biggest news would be my switch off of Rossignol to Head skis/boots/bindings.  As some of you may know I’ve been with Rossignol for a long time, twenty or so years to be more exact.  My Dad was a big fan of Tomba’s style at the 1992 Olympics and bought my brothers and me Rossignol skis for Christmas that next year.  Rossignol was a great company for me for many years and I guess the simplest of explaining my motivation to switch came because of “creative differences”.  Anyway, in April I made the tough decision and switched to Head, which has been an awesome new project and gave me a lot of newfound motivation through the summer months to get everything dialed.  We had two main camps this summer one in La Parva and a second in Portillo.  To me both  were really productive and I had a lot of fun working on the new gear, trying new stuff, and overall just enjoyed my skiing experience.


After some time at home in October we had our, now annual camp at the US Ski Team’s Copper Speed Center.  All said it was a great capper on a great prep period, the team as a whole seemed to be skiing well, we were stacking up well against other teams and ready to move into the World Cup Season at Lake Louise.  Personally, I had a little bit of a set back when I bumped my head while doing some start training at Beaver Creek about a week before Lake Louise.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the last week of training but got some bonus home time, which is always nice in the grand scheme of the long winter.

Lake Louise:

Finally, onto the racing.  For those of you were watching it wasn’t really the start that I was hoping for, in fact for me the whole week was a bit of a fiasco.  Starting with the travel out there I missed not one but two connections (a personal record) and didn’t arrive until a few hours before heading onto the hill for the first training run.  As can be expected it wasn’t a great run and I took a little tumble into the nets after “mis-judging” the final jump.  Nothing really serious but not exactly the way that I was hoping to take my training momentum into the race season.  The second training run was cancelled due to a “lift power malfunction” , which I was fine with because it gave me a little time to free ski and get my feet back under me.  The final training run was lowered because of some tough weather on the top of the course so we started from the SG start, which is really no big deal.  However, after some confusion at the start I ended up running on my SG warm up skis, turns out it happens to somebody up there every year just never to me.  The DH race day was another tough weather day with cloud cover coming and going, shifting winds, and some intermittent snow flurries, nothing new for Lake Louise, but never the ideal “fair” race conditions.  Currently, having no DH points (or a lot of DH points however you want to look at it) I start in the way, way back and by the time we were getting on course the conditions were really tough, both in terms of the snow and weather.  I had what internally I thought was a fine run (though turns out not particularly fast), I made some good turns and was overall happy with my “racing approach” and skiing considering the conditions.  However, half way down in the “fish net turn” I hit some bumps that put me in the fence and ended my run a little bit prematurely.  Whatever way that I hit I ended up bruising the muscles in my left lower leg resulting in what is commonly know as the dreaded “shin bang”.  Obviously, this made my prospects for the SG a little bit grim but starting #3 I had to give it a try and I would say that it wasn’t a terrible effort considering I was all but unable to push on my left ski.  Again not the start I was hoping for but all things considered it could have been worse and as far as I’m concerned it’s ancient history.


There you have it I guess the ten minute recap of my summer off-season and racing so far.  Recently, there for sure have been some bumps in the road but unfortunately that is part of the sport sometimes and now there is nothing to do but get myself in one piece and move on.  Beaver Creek is coming up if the weather cooperates and I look forward to giving it my best shot and providing the home town crowd with some entertainment one way or another.  Thanks for reading and until next time…

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